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The book shows many techniques and practices to improve the reader’s memory.

Summary Of The Book

This book, Super Memory: It Can Be Yours, shows how readers can enhance their powers of retention. It contains puzzles, fun activities and other exercises for a good mental workout, to enhance memory.

Super Memory: It Can Be Yours is divided into twelve chapters. It takes a light, interesting and highly effective approach to teaching readers memory enhancing techniques. The first chapter begins by showing how a person, through their daily routines and other factors, acquire limits in their mental faculties. It then shows how to clear the mind of all the clutter so that it becomes free, open and creative. The author then shows various techniques like using memory aids to remember names, faces, and task lists.

She gives an exercise in memorizing the longest number in the world, interesting card tricks that help readers practice retention of details. Super Memory: It Can Be Yours uses visualization techniques, association methods, clues in facial expressions, gestures, voice signals etc. to teach the readers how to improve their memory. Other chapters in the book include Instant Recall through Classification, Think Like Crazy, Remember like a Wizard, and Memory Tricks and Treats.

After reading this book, the author assures readers that they will never again have to make excuses for forgetting faces or names, misplacing things, being unable to recall vital pieces of information and so on. The book is written in a language that is simple and easy to comprehend.


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